Food for Travelers concept design workshop

ESSEC Food Business Challenges Chair

The context

ESSEC is a leading business school based out of Cergy (ranked #6 top Master in Management Worldwide by the Financial Time). ESSEC has partnered with leading companies to create 23 specialized Chairs, with an objective to produce new knowledge, develop science and management practice confronted with the new challenges of the international environment, and to create a flow of data and market analyses.

The Food Business Challenges Chair presents students with challenges from both the hospitality and the food industries ranging from evolving customer preferences to sustainability.

This happens notably during a one-week workshop, during which corporate partners come and share a specific issue. We have teamed up with the team to help organize this workshop.

Our contribution

We proposed a theme -- food in mobility -- that relates to students' experience, while forcing them to envisage ‘eating’ through multiple lenses: nutritional, cultural, social, comforting, distracting…

We reached out to key players of the industry as well as expert coaches, helped the team structure and facilitate the workshop, and just shared the fun and excitement of a group of uber-motivated students from 4 continents!

In a previous edition, we structured a research work around the topic of open source sales, marketing and logistics tools to empower communities of farmers. We were notably helped by our friends at Biodome, an ecosystem of start-ups promoting sustainable agriculture.

Let's get started.

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