Lagardere Travel Retail North America

The brief

A major airport asked our client to imagine what a sport-related store could be in an airport, beyond the sales of local teams’ memorabilia. It was to be located in a city known for its active lifestyle.

Our approach

We started from a very simple insight: it is terribly difficult to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle while traveling for business. A secondary target market is made of leisure travellers off for active holidays. And, finally, those looking for sports memorabilia.

The first challenge was to design the store that reflects an attitude towards life. We did this by transforming it into a playground. Goodbye lounges, sodas and fat finger food, hello rock climbing challenges and active fun! Beyond the rock climbing wall, we multiplied the sport and outdoor references (like the tracks on the floor) to build connivance with visitors.

The second challenge was the relevance of the offering. Selling skis to people on their way to their winter holidays is a logistical nightmare for both the retailer and the client, and it doesn’t make much sense anyway. Instead, we focused on a selection of goods and services that would be convenient to carry on a plane and make sense to either be active on a business trip or bring additional fun to a leisure trip.

We worked with athletes and sport professionals to select easy-to-carry, effective training gear like resistance bands, and created playful routines that can be performed in any hotel room. For leisure-goers, we focused on small, high-value items that can elevate the experience of their trip like sport watches or Go-Pro cameras.

Last, we added a juice bar and healthy food section, for immediate refuel or as travel provisions, and some local teams memorabilia. It works as a traffic magnet, is profitable, and contributes to the overall atmosphere of the store.

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